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over the last two seasons a big muscle
we’ve got loads a request to drive a variety of different cars now in those requests people want to see
well like ours I was really short had fellows idea what
to do with myself because like I just felt awkward about it so we sat
down we talked about what we came up with was we’re gonna but Larry

course of a
dry-cleaner I 68 Dodge Charger NJ Musil creator everything drive in my
69 Daytona replica it should be a great day so hang on and
sit back relax washes up is on trial so the biggest question I get asked
about this cars why would you build a matte black they
told arm there’s a good reason for that we bought
this car I bought this car

the really good body mind & body Todd and the goal was to make the most badass
cross-country proto ring Daytona ever built what on it
looks kinda reasons no never done it before this cars about personality it’s about
making a statement and it’s helped take me to to places like big muscle to be honest
with you i mean you know this

car’s been a documentary
for BMW okay its we got we want to the Playboy
Mansion as in this car we had six playmates actually setting up on the way it’s a great photo shows a I got a
picture of 166 Illinois got a picture of it on Rodeo Drive where people just had a look at it
because it was park behind the ferrari and they were like the hell

is this
thing going here we brought it to the Concours d’Elegance
Peter Parker between we’ve got to bear on a Ferrari f40 these cars like the other cars 2 toys it’s a it’s a lot of wanted to gray car
and its absolutely not for everybody so on the whole to the Daytona me has a
different than the charger world it’s actually really

different arm where
the charger is pretty much a a very mild honestok 440 this card a
little more fellow of under the hood oMG lol extra
blocker in here 471 cuban edges make a 510 550
horsepower on basically what we tried to do take
everything we learned from the charger kinda one of it with the Daytona this
car has air conditioning it has cruise

control oMG it’s got seen
on lie to me as as the other one arm but its it’s a fabulous fabulous
open road call to cruise this car like it at 90 100 110 is is a wonderful experience I can tell
you i mean all the Aero stuff you see from the nose cone to the spoiler to the
wing on the back that most of them really works in the
guys back at 69

to design this car they knew what they were doing now as
for brakes on the car we wanted to keep it dodge so what we
did was we took a senator bob rows of an srt8 charger and %uh calpers
of a 2008 viper we actually need a rocket the wonderful gentleman cock ass asslick
who are developed can force and it’s great and the reason we tried
to do

that with this we take these cars all over the country
I don’t or truck title all trailer so if they if you see them
they’re driven if we were to break down some if we need a partner I want to be able
to walk into a Dodge dealership is a I need kohut my first time in a muscle car this is officially the oldest guy I’ve ever
driven it is

in 1969 dodge Daytona the only build one europeans honest
button back this is not in 1969 Daytona this is a 1969 charger Mike must know goodbye to mind
but this car as a originally a charger in Indiana in
2006 spent three years and converted into a
date on but one thing now first and foremost you notice when you
getting here there are dangers that

actually mean stop to me the gay just tell me that the gas
tank is now a quarter other tank empty after starting this
review I where a 130 the grease in terms of water temperature oil
pressure 20 I don’t know if that’s good or bad and
the both the gauge seems to be off the chart got a five speed transmission I again very easy to use

commutes battles begin boo the break goes pull up a little bit now the brakes on this car actually up
about 2008 the Dodge Viper so good but everything else
know pretty much custom-made which kinda
scares the hell outta me once again because ’em this is my friends car and I
hate driving my friends cars now the idea of this car is actually

simple Pro Touring Car which makes perfect sense I know that
anyone who a is a muscle car guy well look at this
car maybe think it’s a travesty because well why would
you think the Daytona and I’m kind of like that long without a meal they don’t
have to worry about another protocol on that mean that’s
meant to go to the track

it’s matter the be done and that’s what Mike does
that’s the best part about it my catch a glimpse that is dollars that
wants oh my god mister you want just friends
to enjoy them these Adam is mine for letting me get in
this car I was bom but I’m having a good time more someone there who is the 993 Turbo
a slogan kill bugs the well

the servicer the
money the state Donald mom killed more bugs that my slogan
world the initial turn is up but when you
called Sun figure it out than your builder
confidence that required by the time let me tell you a story about Mike
myself because to understand this car you need to understand my good friend Mike McDonald in 2001 of September 11

that the mike was working one block away from the World Trade
Center at Citigroup you worked in technology the was not a muscle car guy that they
changed his life in 2006 he got into muscle cars and got
out a banking he wanted nothing to do with them then he started following his passion
the meadows wife around the same time to that she

supported it me was making good money doing what he did they gave it all off because he wasn’t happy the and that says a lot about but I’m a
person mike is the BB Bold that by these that the car sold think
the unique breed home I Mike it’s great the do no my this my 1968 Dodge Charger or in other words my rock this is a

that’s been hell and back it’s taken me I counted ventures
introduce me to some of the most amazing people ever had the pleasure of knowing and
although it’s in no way perfect assaults lead still excites me every
time I open the garage door my getaway car my timesheet in the
reason I simply love automobiles art so honestly the mean

but a business
card is pretty much under the hood engine wise there’s there so nothing
fancy about this car mean people think that you know we’ve done all this work to it
and we have to update stuff but it’s a it’s a relatively mild 440 porn for you gauge big block really mild
internal mild am stock rockers and pushrods I

headers you know 800 double popper on top this
motor right here probably has I’ll God almost 60,000 mile long
undersell and there’s a reason for that and that
it its relatively stock you know everybody thinks that
only gotta gotta have five horsepower in 2004 Tony when promos in this and you know that
does it breaks to and you’ve

got it you know what the best
part about this car is its guaranteed I could start I can leave
this you right now and I could write in California to New York I wouldn’t even I would question the
court reliability so yes we may stop a little more
reliable so you know we put in ACW shopping oil with
you which is act as a priori so you turn the key

metrics records were
all on the motor arm if you’re pulling some parties in the
corner and you lose oil pressure don’t do the same thing i’m saying that because everybody’s
gonna look under the hood be like was that big cylinder under that will that’s what it does other stuff that we
modified was moral on the kinda performance

so for instance the brakes we put in I said I’ve are repair brakes
on their not the crazy expensive one just like trackback it works really
really well the transmission is a seven twenty seven
which is an automatic but we put a reverse Val body in with your mentor
overdrive so what that lets me do with like this but
every year on the

highway I think resent eighty miles an hour it’s a 3000rpm okay with the double pumper on
top I get ten miles to the gallon it doesn’t
matter if I’m driving at around the neighborhood on driving on the
highway this car gets and miles to the gallon the engine base: building I everybody’s
asking haha okay would you wanna see a big

greasy people
that’s what it is and I’ll be honest I’m actually really
really proud of that I don’t spend all my time playing I decide I don’t if there’s grease on a
larger than this personal or I could talk about this all day I put a
price on for you have to get in you can’t drive don’t worry about next

worry about scratches the worry about the comp or all one murnian lesson on it you that might be nine years ago the came to an end on your mark on the
mend but and I now with man i’ve when the other
niece crazy car shows and roll rally is and
charity event all basically any excuse you get your
amazing harmon out on the road but now we had

Lamborghinis portion on all the devil amazing hard but now we’re sitting
in a parking lot and sure not this type all that and I
had no idea who he was the pole then and I’ll never forget this
you get that the car got a jacket on is a big burly guy head I remember Black Sabbath warping playing in the background in my
mind and it was

like Iron Man 2 Matt I was like behind the
guy was a superhero data card has like this is the coolest bar I’ve ever seen
might not bad sportster now now last weekend my can I want to go
to Pebble Beach poor sweet the side away what are we
gonna take me and maybe all comparable car everything that mom wanted the best for
this makes a splash you

have adventure that this car so be
home we pull up behind it on this beautiful
cat Street and the hundreds of people on and it’s like the SUN when im the
clouds came over everybody got quiet that we pull up in
this the huge caman eloping Bogdan and I feel
like people grab their little teacup poodles a little bit closer that it’s basically a

great equalizer
you can pull into one any parking lot and and we didn’t matter back between I
think ima gatien at 250 for our loose so i mean both million
dollar cars and bought the boat owners came over that on this is unbelievable what did
you do how to get started what’s the story behind it because you
really you’re driving a car

that makes you feel like a
superhero now it’s really really cool about this bar is Mike set this up to be a roll rally
car like i said im Bowl run one Latin America an album a challenge
you cross the country more five times know what he did going to got a Sirius
Radio you’ve got it down time one college radio’s extra Howlett thing

mean he’s got everything ready to go the cross country now most guys take
their muscle cars the what they’ll do is dealt with a lawn chair in baghdad no
go to the car show that is awesome but he decided not to do that so when he
drives it actually beats the crap about in this
car and that’s what makes it so special by the way the

trainee works in a
flattening so what you do is you literally slap it
into gear so what’s cool about this is when you’re
racing you don’t have that switch gears and hit
a clutch and lose that time so if you wanna down similarly you now
in its second year you wanna go to their Nauman there here’s the catch: if you
wanna put it in I

overdrive which essentially gives it
one two or three bus might happen here salt Gophers here overdrive second-year overdrive on the floor third-year
overdrive so now you have sixty years which makes this
car a lot more useful and Birmingham around that something
that can live without in the interior noise now quite in between us and the exhaust is

and metal so there’s no Dynamat or anything like
that and it absolutely dominant here for that the one thing I’d probably
change the second thing in probably my favorite is there’s no heat
and there’s no air conditioning but what it does have is this this is a special top secret thing
designed by must themselves probably

gonna kill me for this what he did but is wrapped Ubuntu taped together what we do is we
stop it in it AC unit just like this and why do
we do that I call that began high wind chill device so does it it doesn’t generate any heat
doesn’t generate any call this when you’re in here basically stopped the cold air from
blowing in when

you’re driving that that’s definitely a must though
touch right there the are the last thing that drives me a
little bit crazy about this car and I get that has to do with my OCD
that much though drives in so much he doesn’t clean it
makes me nuts salt before the shoot today I said
listen I have to touch this Carmen lose my mind is now

okay okay I so what about the engine as I don’t
touch the engine that God you know 40,000 miles to drive in runs
not desirous baghdad but nonetheless it drives me crazy on my to the summer is this the cars
allowed the powers you look at my house for a gallon and
the sound in here makes wanna blow your brains out but one thing I can say design

love it because it’s got this right know what mr. I’m cowboy great Mike much though on at the end of
the day this hard in all a bit but you know
these absolutely this on cool bombs I’m in in no our guys well was that I got a first
of thank you for tuning into another season
a big muscle this is the end of our season two and

this is obviously the
finale now we’re gonna come back we’re gonna bring
you more stuff in the future that you’re gonna see that you’re going to dig by we’ve had such a great time shooting
everybody’s cars out there we’ve had such a great time meeting all the owners
in dealing with all the people in had a couple snacks

here and there and
stuff like that with cars but that’s all part of it it’s a great experience if your four God Chevy guy I lo poor guy throw that all under the table and go
out and experience cars being a Chevy guy is saying all that the best is like any plans for the rest your life being a
Ford guy in saying the same thing is like bonds

can eat hamburgers for the
rest of my life there are so many cars out there so many different variety so
many engine so many suspension so many
different ways you can use and modify and play and get in tune with these things do that go out and Parker aka marrow next to
your charger you know any Parker Corvair next year
olds mobile get in tune with

these cars man because
you go around this planet one time only and if you gonna save the
car for the next guy it’s just a bad move I’m telling you
from experience so guys thank you so much for giving us
a great season thanks for all the emails and keep on commenting and again should
be more emails a driveby muscle dot com now well I that is

muscle gmail dot com send me an email their let me know what
you got lettuce feature and have fun with the cars and let’s put you on
camera tell your story about a right guys thanks again and a we’ll see you
next season drive Heights OH here’s a deal the vehicle that we film addams 1982
Caprice station wagon with 5.7 liter funny

the most
underpowered fight was a leader in the history of
there in the mix like 181 now zack is a super p.m. class have been a member guy he’s amazing not
to cry at everything please also the driver of battle axe big
muscle bottom line we were trying to see this thing is
going to burn out all FTC than we have been able to do it this
port my

head a little bit a gravel sold costs act the keys and we’re gonna see a
beagle rip it up and do a I was by drama try breads for a I dotson be whelan car ok back all good a there I mean seriously guys even the filming all the fun

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