Sony Charger

6. novembra, 2014 by Ni komentarjev

Duke everybody I found it its that works for me take my for par for a symptom micro USB charger or phone okay one take this opportunity to say
that if you’re not comfortable London’s doing this procedure don’t take it to
repairers also raised okay will be responsible for
any damage or injuries that happen anyone or anything you are all

okay here we go I purchased my phones HTC Desire HD which doesn’t really matter Bible
shortly after months after church cable star phone my phone about couple more US features
courses and the same issue with those courts Iran Google you too other people are having
issues you these issues as well solutions other if the phone is broken parts mind

didn’t believe sourcing other phone dust and all my pocket i was thinkin 1 if there was
compacted fis inside the charge for that would stop
the charge port from going you know while rapidly on a flashlight I remove
my phone battery when you know polar literally hard from
the charge for care the should make a difference did by cords are still

falling full the with
my for USB socket in the phone is made
there’s a larger open area which is easily accessible meal by there is
this connector role for lack of a better term position
off to the bottom micro USB all I was a I wasn’t able to
clean behind role uneven authors and behind that was
causing the problem I could barely see their

wives well there what’s the only way to get behind
that roll with use sometime my purse
microscopic 20 was to take my ideal flat with the file
fine bother them below while hold it securely
apparently pliers mister the file up the top and
the bottom quarter inch amid until then it was as
flat as possible important to say that that needles

there this force between inner wall charge you could damage your phone that intro breakup not okay saw kinetic barrier carefully gently with that the most
weight behind role have came more fires lot quickly blew out the rest grab my USP church court plugged in club always charge or locked in for the first
time months just like the day Obama

tried a
couple other course the ones I bought and all of it as well this just it just needed a simple clean that’s on
top and all this time I thought things were
going Warner well from my phone this was the perfect sense it may be for
you I attached the few images videos first just told you
about this cleaning did and I hope you have success

your thanks for watching