Project: wireless charger for every phone (PART 2)

6. novembra, 2014 by Ni komentarjev

I Fox and welcome back to get it is less
design .tk today we show you the last episode to
make our wireless channel chair for every fall let’s get started with that cutting
plane for power and screw holes we put some tape to fix in place the
blame before we proceed with that for email
tribe retailer olds not until you have practice said

cross with the upper side scatter not we take a full metal screw to
practice a female screw in preview screw holes you can out for yourself with sound
bright yes them this the whole support at last the skew
than we had to use in his project now we take our NT 8012 would been its stance and after we apply a lot of a terrible that
makes two on

backside we put it in place and we
proceed with some very we do the same we’d all order compliments out with a call I would hold cutting plane in practice
the whole or powers Jack on backside of cross meters case
now the whole support backs fuse and we sold
or are they inside power connection cable to that seek week
on its output pins week at

me you can’t complain for more concise
schools and the fourth from two sides crew its then we applied on the transmitter case go to the Sikh week on trust me to this
case with exit the way this group then we sell this cruise with some are grew just of that that we
connect to the transmitter we check the contractor connection and with fix

with some tape in place inside the case we have to create holds with the last
part of playing on front side of case we taking the
adrenal for the last time then we can close the case if we all
screws we talk about we cut these carotene side it ok phase
or receive this case and book this press online them then the
of transmitter with that the one

receiver you can use the cutting plane to be sure to do eating place this is necessary because
they’re eating a reason but Santana cure for the top face of trust me this
case and that it to prevent the correct alignment of course this is the final resting before
transmitter and receiver that you can make more or less with the
same taking

this creek that the forecast meter and you can terminate to read something
unique plastic paper for day outside faces this around now power project for all
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of all has on Twitter to the next time