Sony VAIO Duo 13

6. novembra, 2014 by Ni komentarjev

hello and welcome I’m Nikki and today
we’re looking at the Sony bio US$30 this is the most dynamic the
buyout offer more it’s a hybrid October said tablet and a
laptop in Wong clever less like a design allows you switch at left between
haven’t made and laugh at my and it comes with a
handy digitized stylist now if your family

the real handwriting experienced the
buyer come to the handwriting ouch that basically allows you to use the stylus type and right on the
screen the screen display States a 13-inch
screen and its of a touchscreen said navigating
through the uprights with this effort is Windows 8 is really easy and intuitive today he
also feature Sony’s try

luminous display you getting super
brightness truth life colors a fantastic clarity
whether it’s your digital photos for watching movies think the quality the resolution on the
screen is really amazing let’s talk a little bit about speckled
machines the diet you have a 10-hour battery life say whether
you’re traveling commuting

you’re never gonna be short battery life
10 hours really is a decent quality time it comes with two cameras and
8-megapixel rear camera which is great if you want
to take photos and documents but also a front facing camera so maybe
if you’re thinking about using Skype the camera comes pre installed on the
laptop so no extradition avoiding a

camera on for the
top it comes with core processor i5 or i7 depending on the fax machine and it’s
available in black or white we just turn it round and take a look at the
collectivity on the back here we have and HDMI out again really handy if you
want to connect your laptop to a big HDTV you continue
to connect an HDMI cable and all the

content on your laptop
4shared on the big screen they also have to USB 3 ports so you have a high transfer rate so
grateful maybe download movies it’s really quick
I’m really efficient we then have a headphone jack and also
unnamed table point as well that US 13 a really
great machine if you’re looking for an ultrabook that crosses both

work and play if the
laptop as the top left have a stylist it really
does have everything

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