Sony Vaio won’t charge

29. decembra, 2011 by Ni komentarjev

A very common issue with laptop chargers and adapters is that they simply stop working due to the malfunction.

Often this is due to overheating and the age of the charger. New original products cost a lot of money so be sure that you first go through these steps and try to fix the problem by yourself:

1. Remove the battery (it is located at the bottom of your laptop) and try to charge your laptop without it
2. Often connects lose connection due to frequent use. Try to apply force with your hand to the connector and stroke the connector in all directions

If none of these work you have a dead charger.
Chargers are often really expensive so my advice is to get a replacement charger (adapter). Those can cost up to 5 or even 10 times less then the actual original charger.