The Sony VAIO Pro 13

6. novembra, 2014 by Ni komentarjev

this this this are hello and welcome I’m making and today
we’re looking at the family’s by a price they paid this is a slim and lightweight laptop I
have great faith and designs it features a full carbon fiber chassis
so even though it’s lightweight and portable not compromising and strength and
durability taste have a real robust

that he feels faced the full HD
touchscreen special inches and the speeches sony’s tight humanist
display so you getting super brightness truth like colors and that’s fantastic
Clara States it also features great or DS have to
stop speakers that given the fis and the need for the
last test of block me out adjust plans changed have no

compromise fullback he bought as well to the lodge
trackpad to defend the palmrest makes it
comfortable for Palmer was fun typing again if you may be thinking about using
this for work laptop browsing on the go it’s gonna be
comfortable any the final using the cables the head inside the
monocyte is it a great viewing angle says maybe
you want

to watch sad movies catch when I play it again watching
screen is going to be really comfortable needed today from the factory I could
have taken 16 hours again if you’re on about my dad you know
can be worried that you can I run out fast rate finally if we just look at the
connective it a good has an HDMI out say if you want to maybe

an HDMI cable you’ll be screened you got simple here
all the company have on your laptop you can be awesome grades he also has to
you have the US people against if you want to connect I’m
external media to the laptop you have to your fee for
such sites making quick and convenient defaced his and I
think the court said if you haven’t

& st. Annes advice such a
small size or tablets simply touch the trackpad have an
inbuilt some tasks and we’ll contact the URL for the upload
small public time that leads to the laptop I
think the part that he is a great laptop if you’re looking for something that is
lightweight and portable but tough and durable as well %uh on %uh %uh

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