VAIO® – How to create recovery media

6. novembra, 2014 by Ni komentarjev

ok hi I’m pack from Sony I’m going to take
you through the steps on how to create recovery discs for your Sony by a computer we recommend that you
create these discs in case you ever need to do a full recovery a full recovery allows you to restore
your computer back to the original factory
configuration before you begin you will meet either

10c Dr’s or two DVD R’s depending on the type a burner in your
computer the dis- are sold separately make sure that you
label the deaths as they are burned and note the model
number up the computer on them see know which computer these
tests are four up from my demonstration I’m using the
VPC EB each file computer is slightly

operating system you are using could be
a factor so be sure to check the Owner’s Manual
or visit us any support dots on the dot com for specific
instructions on your model and operating system click
Start click all programs and locate file care up click File care to launch the
application you may receive a message do you want to
allow the

following program to make changes to this computer select Yes up in the left pane click recovery and
restore up within the main window select Create
recovery media at this point you will need to make sure
that the computer is connected to the AC adapter do not interrupt the power during this
process answered applying desk once the computer to tax

the deaths the number of deaths required will be
displayed in the window click Next click Start up up once the first disc has been created it
will automatically eject remove it from the computer and labeling insert another death once the second disc has been created it will automatically jackd remove it from the computer and mobile
app the average

time to create recovery disk
can be 30 minutes 21 our depending on the speed up your
computer and the type of death you are using for
more tips tricks on how to videos please
visit us at you support dots on the dot com are on
our study listen to YouTube channel thank you