What charger do I need?

30. decembra, 2011 by Ni komentarjev

Original chargers often cost a lot of money (up to $100) and that can be often a waste as they often stop working just as replacement chargers (adapters) do.

If you’re interested in replacement adapters you need to look after a few thing to avoid any future problem:

  • voltage and current must be the same as your previous charger, those numbers are also stated on your battery (common is 19.5V and 4.7A)
  • charger output pin must fit your laptop’s input pin
  • get the one with a good price/positive testimonials ratio, sites such as amazon have a bunch of testimonials stated so you can pick up the best seller and product
  • be aware that you choose the 110V (US) or 230V(EU) or what ever the default voltage in your country is